The $68-96 Amber House Advantage

See how our services compare to other 4 diamond and boutique hotels in Sacramento - and find out why you should stay at Amber House instead! During your next stay in Sacramento, save $68 to $96 while enjoying our beautiful rooms, luxurious amenities, and convenient location.

Amenity Average Boutique or 4 Star Hotel Price* Amber House
Overnight Parking $23 Included
WiFi $11 Included
One Full Breakfast $24 Included
One Bottled Water $3 Included
One Soda from the Minibar $4 Included
One Cup of Coffee from Roomservice $4 Included
Total Cost for 1 person $68 Free
Total Cost for 2 people** $96 Free

Our rooms include more than the basics. Instead of one bottle of water or one cup of coffee, enjoy unlimited beverages between 6AM and 9PM. And don't forget our famous chocolate chip cookies, delivered freshly baked to your room nightly!

*Average price at Downtown/Midtown Sacramento boutique and 4 star hotels in November 2009.

**Price includes second person only having breakfast and a cup of coffee.